TidyHangers Hangers knob scandinavian design Coat hook

Starter package

  • $49.90



The start package consists of everything you need to build your first Tidyhangers installations.

Several starter packages can be assembled to form a larger installation

Knobs diameter: 55 (2.1")   Height: 45 mm (1,8")

Distance from center of a knob with links: 105 mm (4.1"), 150 mm (5.9") or 212 mm (8.3").

Practical rubber surface Tidyhangers with it's matt rubber surface is more than beautiful, it has the practical ability to get a good grip on your clothes so they don’t slip off.

The package consist of : 

  • 3 x Normal size knobs
  • 3 x Frontplate in chrome. 
  • 3 x Coat hooks
  • 2 x Small size links
  • 2 x Medium size links
  • 2 x Large size links
  • 1 x Crosslinks
  • 1 x Specially designed leveler for easy assembly.
  • 1 x set of screws.

Additional basic package can be added if your would want to create larger installations.