Knax Horizontal Wood Coat Hook

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The knax coat hook by Loca is handmade in Denmark. The Knax coat hooks were discovered by a good friend of our store while traveling there.  CA Modern Home has been the US  distributors since then. Knax coat hooks are available in many different wood types. Available in 2, 46, 8 and 10 hook models. They spring back in place when not in use.

They have 2 mounting holes hidden behind 2 of the opposing aluminum hooks. They can screw directly into wood or a Molly bolt or Tapcan can be used for plaster or masonry.



2 hook: 7.8"L x 3.15"h x 1"d

4 hook: 15.5"L x 3.15"h x 1"d

6 hook23.5"L x 3.15"h x 1"d

8 hook: 31.5"L x 3.15"h x 1"d

10 hook: 39.5"L x 3.15"h x 1"d