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Last week we reviewed Leah Koenig’s The Jewish Cookbook, and we’ve already shared a fantastic recipe for Moroccan Flaky Chicken and Almond Pie

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Today, we give you another recipe from the book, Yeasted Pumpkin Bread. Yeasted Pumpkin Bread Sephardi Jews traditionally eat foods made with pumpkin and squash on Rosh Hashanah, when they hold symbolic significance. Jewish traders also played a major role in spreading the New World gourd across the Mediterranean during the time of Columbus, and Sephardi cuisine continues to utilize pumpkin in many baked goods, jams, and other dishes today. This tender, gently spiced bread, called pan de calabaza, can be shaped in a spiral for Rosh Hashanah, baked in a loaf pan, or formed into rolls. But this recipe’s sunset-colored...

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