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Make fresh homemade mochi using a stand mixer! Stuff the mochi with your favorite filling,

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dip in a savory or sweet coating, or enjoy in Japanese New Year Soup and red bean soup. How to Make Mochi with a Stand Mixer (Homemade Mochi) INGREDIENTS 450 g glutinous rice (sweet rice, mochigome) (3 rice cooker cups or 540 ml) 400 ml water (It should be 3 cup line for Sweet Rice in rice cooker bowl) potato starch/cornstarch (for dusting) Anko Mochi red bean paste (anko) (See Notes for homemade recipe) Kinako Mochi 2 Tbsp Kinako (soybean flour) This makes 2 mochi balls. If you're making more, follow the ratio of 2 parts kinako: 1 part sugar) 1 Tbsp Sugar INSTRUCTIONS To Measure and Rinse Glutinous Rice Measure the glutinous...

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