Gordon Ramsay wannabes have a tendency to hoard all types of spices in their kitchen

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If your workstation is an eyesore with spices all over the place, try these DIY spice rack ideas out and make your kitchen worthy of a Michelin star chef.

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DIY Spice Rack Ideas That Will Surely Spice Up Your Kitchen
1. Traditional Spice Rack With Labeled Containers

Perhaps the easiest among all these spice rack ideas is to simply use the one you already have but with an added twist.

Just organize your spices in uniform containers and label them accordingly. This is especially helpful for those with an extensive collection of spices for the many cooking experiments and recipes they like to try out.

What You’ll Need:

Recycled glass jars
Paintbrush and chalkboard paint
Olive oil
100g of soda bicarbonate

Do It Yourself:

Start by washing your jars and removing the labels on them. Most of these should come off with some hot water.
For glue that won’t come off, mix oil and soda bicarbonate together. Once done, apply it to the necessary areas and leave overnight.
Scrape it off in the morning using your scourer before washing the jars again.
Paint two layers of rectangular labels on your jars using chalkboard paint, fill them with the spices, and label them as needed.

2. Recycled Pallet Rack

If you’re thinking of great DIY spice rack ideas, then you can never go wrong with recycling an old pallet.

Pallets are some of the best sources of wood for numerous DIY projects because they are sturdy, cheap, and easy to find. Just make sure to look for pallets that look fresh instead of ones used on wet goods and chemical products.

What You’ll Need:

An old pallet
Hammer and nails
Wood stain

Do It Yourself:

Design your spice rack depending on the size of your kitchen and where you plan to install it.
Take your pallet apart and sort the wood out. Separate pieces that are still in good condition from the ones that have parts that need to be sawed off.
Clean the pieces of wood up by sawing the wood to the necessary sizes, shapes, and parts you’ll need. Afterward, clean the pieces up using your sander.
Assemble your spice rack and use wood stain to give it the color you want.

Pro Tip: You can also install cup hooks to the bottom of your pallet spice rack and make it storage for your measuring cups and spoons.

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3. Test Tube Spice Rack

Cooking, as we all know, is both a science and an art. Take the concept to a whole new level by using test tubes and their rack as containers for your spices.

What You’ll Need:

Scrap wood
Test tubes

Do It Yourself:

Get a strip of wood and drill holes in it that are big enough to fit test tubes.
Smoothen the strip of wood using sandpaper and apply wood stain to give it a rustic finish.
Mount your DIY test tube rack on your kitchen wall.
Pour the spices into your test tubes, cover with a cork, and label them accordingly. Most test tubes should be big enough to hold approximately 2-3 tbsp. of spices.

Pro Tip: Not really in the mood for some DIY-ing? Save yourself the additional effort by buying either stainless steel or a wooden test tube rack.

4. Hanging Magnetic Spice Rack

One of the most aesthetically pleasing spice rack ideas is to make a magnetic spice rack. It’s clean, colorful, perfect for your kitchen, and saves you lots of drawer and cabinet space.

What You’ll Need: 

Magnetic spice tins
Spice tin wall base
Paintbrush and chalkboard paint
Paint pen or chalk pen
Wall anchors

Do It Yourself:

Start by removing the lids of your magnetic spice cans and painting half of each lid using your chalkboard paint. This should give you enough room for your labels without covering the spices. Apply a second coat as necessary
While waiting for the paint on the lids to dry, fill your jars with spices and label them with post-its so you don’t mix them up later.
Install wall anchors on your wall, line the steel base up, and drill screws into your anchors.
Cover your spices and just stick them to the magnetic base.

For a more DIY version of this, use jars you already have and buy magnetic strips instead. Glue them to the lids of your jars and stick them to any magnetic surface.

If you want to save even more money, you can replace those refrigerator magnets and stick your magnetic jars onto it instead.

5. Classic Soda Bottle Crate Rack


If you’re a lover of all things vintage, then this will definitely be one of the best spice rack ideas for you.

Just go to your nearest antique store and look for old soda bottle cases. The compartments should be the perfect fit for all those herbs and spices you have lying around.

What You’ll Need:

Vintage soda crate
Picture hangers
Hammer and nails

Do It Yourself:

Depending on the condition of your vintage soda crate, you might want to paint or stain it. If you like the old design, however, then just vacuum it to remove dust that may have accumulated inside.
Use picture hangers and hook them to the metal strip across the soda crate’s back. Each of these hooks should be strong enough to hold as much as 75 lbs.
Organize your spices on the spice rack. You can also cover the hooks up by placing spice containers on the top of your newly-attached shelf as well.

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No matter how big your kitchen may be, organizing all those herbs and spices can be troublesome especially for home cooks. These DIY spice rack ideas should help you decorate your kitchen, save some space in it, and stop you from having to dig through your drawer just to find the pepper.

Are there other spice rack ideas you’d like to share with us? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

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